Ângela Martins

Empower You | Managing Director

Ângela Martins

Empower You | Managing Director


My personal brand is a product built over 27 years of professional career in Hotels and Tourism, with a focus on training, in the creative development of new concepts, products and services, in the ability to see beyond obstacles and business opportunities, innovating and enabling the brands to capitalize what makes them really unique: its history, its values ​​and its culture.

With a Degree in Hotel Management at Universidade Internacional and 2 post graduate in Hospitality Management, by École hôtelière de Lausanne, I am also a qualified Leanner Facilitator for the École hôtelière de Lausanne in the Certification Program for Tourism of Portugal 2006/2007

With extensive experience in training and recruitment since 1990, my bet in qualification and develop technical and personal skills, allowed me to have experiences in various public and private institutions in which stand out ANJE Algarve, Group Auchan, School of Hospitality and Tourism of the Algarve, Amorim Turismo Group, Espírito Santo Group – Tivoli Hotels & Resorts .Also accumulate experience as a speaker at various seminars, conferences and forums on topics related to Hospitality, Tourism and Communication.

For 6 years I worked at Tivoli Hotels – Tivoli Victoria and Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, as Director of Public Relations and Communications and also as Senior Experience Manager with a role on Marketing pivot.

In February 2014, I change the course of my professional life, embracing a new personal challenge and launching my own company: EMPOWER YOU … Your Business, Our Focus

Founder and Managing Director this consulting company in Training and Business Management in Hospitality and Tourism, my main purpose focuses on integrated offering of personalized services the following areas: Hospitality Management, Training, New Business Development, Marketing, Branding & Advertising, PR & Events, Social Responsibility & Sustainability.

The DNA of Empower You, focuses on the power of differentiation and in my Know How, justified by knowing who I am, what my purpose, what my values ​​and what moves me.

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