Jorge Ribeirinho Machado

AESE Business School / Professor

Jorge Ribeirinho Machado

AESE Business School / Professor


Jorge Ribeirinho Machado was born on 28 August 1972 in Porto.

He holds a PhD in “Governo e Cultura das Organizações” from Universidad de Navarra, an Undergraduate degree
in Civil Engineering from the Universidade do Porto, a Masters degree in Urban Planning from the Faculties of
Architecture and Engineering of the Universidade do Porto and the Executive MBA AESE/IESE.

He worked in the Project Office at Soares da Costa and at Quaternaire Portugal before going to Kinshasa
(Democratic Republic of Congo) to manage a development cooperation project.

In 1999, upon returning to Portugal, he was hired to manage urban rehabilitation projects for Porto 2001 –
European Capital of Culture.

He was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidade do Porto.
Since 2003, he has been a professor at AESE, where he teaches cases in Operations. Technology and Innovation.
He is Professor at ASM – Angola School of Management, since 2009.

His main area of interest is service operations management, speccially issues that concern to Operations and
Customer service. He is consultant for this kind of projects.
He is a non-executive member of an Admninistration Board for a transportation sector group of companies.

He is a regular opinion maker in media programs.

His hobbies are politics, tennis and puzzles.

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