Joana Arvelos & Tiago Castro

Joana Arvelos & Tiago Castro


PFHS 2015 Winners – Students

Joana Arvelos

With 22 years old was one of the winners of the 1st edition of the Portugal´s Future Hoteliers Summit 2015. Represented Portugal for the first time at the prestigious School of Hospitality, École Hotelière de Lausanne, in Switzerland in March 2016.

Joana is fishing her degree in Hospitality Management at Universidade Europeia. Last year she did an internship at Lisbon Marriott Hotel at the Events Department during three months. This year, Joana did a Front Office internship at Sensimar Lagos by Yellow for two months.

Since Joana participated in Portugal´s Future Hoteliers Summit she gave a speech with her PFHS colleague Tiago Castro at the Escola Superior de Estudos Industriais e de Gestão and also did an interview for “Excelência Portugal”.

For the last two years Joana understood that the communication is very important in her professional life, this is one thing that she wants to explore in the hospitality industry.

In her free time she is an Events Promoter at Universidade Europeia, going to national schools promoting her university and giving advices to students to decide the best degree for them. She also do sports with the company of her two dogs and this was also an important thing in her life. To improve her communication skills Joana reads a lot of books about how to give the best presentations and also about the tourism business.

Tiago Castro

Born and Raised in Oporto, he started developing an interest in
F&B since he was 16 years old. Tiago started at the bottom, by waitering at a restaurant in a beach near home, while finishing high school at the
same time. It was by then that he fell in love with this area.
When he was 19 years old he decided to spread his wings and apply to a college degree in
Hotel Management at Escola Superior de Estudos Industriais e Gestão. It’s when he
realized that it is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. He has done an internship at
Hotel Botanico and the Oriental Spa Garden***** for 6 months in various F&B departments, where he excels and gets a top grade in the end.
Back to Portugal, he decided to take a chance in the Bar, focusing on creating new bar menus,
managing profits and costs behind the counter. At the same time he finishes his college
degree, he starts a new job at BH Foz where after only 8 months he climbs to Head Bartender
where he remains until nowadays.
For the past year, he has been doing and giving countless bar trainings, workshops, has won
the 1st edition of Portugal’s Future Hoteliers Summit, and at the same time does some work
as a freelancer bartender and helps small restaurants evolving in what comes to
He considers himself a sharp, working and responsible men, and lives focused to accomplish
his goals in life every single day.

All session by Joana Arvelos & Tiago Castro